Focus Comic Art Camp. Free clay Flag workshop Week 21

We are 21 weeks into our Focus comic art camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism.

We had a successful art workshop this week, where students made clay American Flags to help them gain a sense of national identity and patriotism. We introduced the kids to the clay extruder which helped us create consistent sized coils needed for the American Flag Project. The kids loved using this easy to operate piece of equipment, which pumped out plenty of coils in a short space of time, making teaching and learning in class more efficient and effective. The class involved using a slab roller, a ruler, pottery clay, paper clay, slip, and a star shaped cutter. The lesson plan involved minor and major motor skills; arithmetic (counting, adding and subtracting), spacial awareness (pattern recognition) and sensory play. The students will learn about color categorization once the project is fired and ready to be painted.

The students had the opportunity to make new friends, and the parents were also given the opportunity to network with other parents with similar backgrounds.

This weeks teachers: Yvonne Wan (Creator of Focus comic, Writer and Comic artist). Douglas Hebert ( Main Focus comic artist, internship coach, certified art teacher). Teacher assistants: Josiah (our new Teaching intern and Crystal Perry.

Check out the following highlights film:

Eli also had his paper clay shield fired which turned out really nice.

Thank you to all our supporters in helping us champion autistic talent. Have a great Christmas!

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