Congrats Jade Chen Our New Trading Card intern.

Congratulations to Jade Chen our latest autistic intern to join our team. We are proud to reveal a trading card featuring her art of Focus the autistic super hero in time for the winter holidays.

We would really love if you can support young autistic talent by ordering her trading card to show your love for her artistry.

Jade will be attending Winter Wonderland in Glendale with us this December, so Please do come to our Focus booth to give Jade some encouragement and positive feedback.

In the mean time we would really love if you can be one of the first to order her trading card to champion her amazing talent.

Thank you for sending your love.

There are two options in supporting Jades art.

  1. Order a Mini pack of random trading cards. A mini pack of trading cards will feature 3 random trading cards. You may select one artist of your choice, for one of the cards.
Item + Shipping option
Choice of 1 Trading Card Artist with autism / special needs

Option 2: Purchase the full set of trading cards featuring art by all our autistic and special needs interns and professional team.