Check out Matthews variant comic cover art! Now available to order online!

We are proud to announce that Matthew Goebel of Phoenix Arizona has landed a comic internship opportunity with Focus comic. Matthew is 11 years old and he is also an American of German and Korean descent. He is a highly talented artist who loves to draw Focus the autistic superhero, play computer games and eat ice cream. He feels encouraged by the positive attention that he is receiving as an artist. Matthew is proud to represent autistic talent which is currently under represented in the arts in general, and within the comic industry.

Matthew loves learning about comic creation through Focus comic’s internship program. We continue to develop his artistic skills as an awesome comic artist. His art appears on a variant cover of the German Issue. We recommend you order the special English and German issue bundle on the website. His art also appears as a comic strip on the back page of the German issue.

Official Release date for the German issue: August 1 2021.