Art by our Autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil

We are so proud of our autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil at Focus Comic. Certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan have been coaching Tabidi to help him fulfill his creative potential. He is talented, he is driven and he is creative. He approaches every assignment professionally and has a strong desire to improve his work every time. We have never seen anyone learn and progress as rapidly as Tabidi. He deserves the promotion and 12 months internship position that we have given him. Instead of just contributing to the community page, he is now a professional comic book artist having produced amazing work for the main story to our action adventure horror comic book. Here is an example of his final art for the main part of the story. His work will be seen along side other professional comic book artists contributing to the same story. This picture shows Compass MK105 (the humanoid) giving an evil spirit a massive blow of electricity at the Forbidden City. Many thanks to Ashler Bate for supporting our social cause campaign by bringing Tabidi Elkhalil’s art to life with beautiful vivid colors. We are rewarding Tabidi with his own variant cover (in a foreign language of his choice) for his outstanding performance at Focus. Please support our social cause project by ordering a comic at .

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