Anthony Hicks 3 minute Interview on the Focus Comic free art camp and how its benefitting his autistic daughter Ahnayah

Thank you Anthony for sharing his thoughts on the Focus comic free art camp, and how his autistic daughter Ahnayah is benefiting from the program. Please watch this 3 minute special interview to learn about the significance of the program for autistic and special needs kids in the valley.

In the interview, Mr Hicks talks about the benefits of remote learning, the benefits of transformative social emotional learning and the positive influence that this program is having on his daughters self perception in terms of self and identity. Remote learning promotes social mobility by including families who do not own private transportation to take their autistic and special needs child to a facility to learn. It gives these kids social and cultural learning opportunities that they would not other wise get to experience within the community. His daughter is much happier and confident and more skilled as a result of being an active member of the Focus comic art camp.

Here is a photo of his daughter Ahnayah, who is autistic reacting to the video interview that her father did about why he is proud of his daughters accomplishments. Ahnayah feels extremely blessed and loved by her parents and the community.

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