Free ‘Focus Loves Arizona’ 5 week art program for Autistic and Special Needs Kids Week 5 Highlights Group BCD

We are five weeks into our ‘Focus love Arizona’ free 5 week art program for autistic and special needs kids.

This week we taught our special needs and autistic students how to ink and color themselves as a super heroes along side Focus and a villain. They were introduced to different inking techniques, the color wheel and color theory and learned how to coloring using traditional mediums. We asked our students to also present their art. Our students had fun completing the 5 week Focus loves Arizona super hero art program.

We very proud of our students skills and abilities.

Check out our students art. More scans will be added onto this page as and when the parents send us the scans. Thanks.

Here is the class tutorial:

Art supplies needed: Art from last week, markers, alcohol markers.

Class duration: 40-60 minutes depending on the childs abilities.

The ‘Focus loves Arizona’ 5 week free art program is funded by an art grant from Arizona Commission on the Arts.