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Focus is an Autistic Super Hero. Order the action adventure comic today.

Meet Compass MK105 in Focus

Meet Compass MK105 the humanoid in Focus Comic. An American built robot that resembles super human qualities and artificial intelligence. He has an EMP device on his wrist with an inbuilt kill switch. He is the current team leader. Created and sketch by Yvonne Wan. This sketch will be colored by Luis Guerrero. Pre order the comic in multiple languages… Read more →

Autistic internship – a glimpse of the community page by Autistic Intern T. Elkhalil and colorist N. Rockwell

Here is an exciting glimpse of what our interns have produced so far for the community page within Focus Comic . This is panel two drawn by 21 year old autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil. Colored by 19 year old colorist intern Nicole Rockwell. We are coaching our interns daily. Look at how well they are progressing with each panel! Internship… Read more →

German and Arab translation completed

  ‪Thank you Alex Seeland for completing the German translation to the 1st issue of Focus Comic which is part of our #AutismAwareness social cause campaign. Thanks Helmi Aouali for completing the Arab translation. Their names will appear on the cover relevant to the language issue they have worked on. We have autistic representation on team. Please support us by… Read more →

Autism Awareness Internship Program update

  Our Focus Comic interns Tabidi Elkhalil, Nicole Tudor Rockwell and Troy George‘s son Malekith are doing amazing so far on our internship program. They are growing their skill sets with the help and guidance of Douglas A Hebert and I. Doug is a certified art teacher and internship coach. He is helping the interns to fulfill their creative potential.… Read more →