Honoring Matt Rush, Local Fire Fighter Hero

This week we honored Matt Rush, of Tempe Fire Service for his courage and selfless service in serving the community. We held person and online workshops throughout the week so the kids can learn about the important work local fire men do in the community, and draw Matt Rush as a comic hero character alongside a Tempe fire truck and Focus the autistic super hero. Check out the video above to learn what our students think about the work of fire fighters and its significance.

Check out our students art:

We printed the cards professionally. Thank you MSgt Ulibarri for forwarding the cards to the Matts fire fighter family to sign. Thank you Brandon Serio for delivering the cards to Matt in person.

Please check out these individual art presentations and messages from our students:

We hope our students art and messages will uplift Matt Rush. Thank you Matt Rush for your selfless service and courage. Thank you for being our protector and hero. A lot of people care about you, your health, happiness and well being in the community: please know you are in our prayers and we want you to get well soon.