Focus Comic Featured in Tempe Tribune in relation to our US Air Force Military Adventures art program and graduation event at Luke Air Force Base

Thank you Tempe Tribune for featuring an article about our Focus Comic and the US Air Force adventures program in their papers this week. We honored local hero Msgt Gabe Ulibarri of the US Air Force and Tempe Fire for his service as part of the program. The program included a Q&A session and an opportunity for the kids to draw him as a comic character model. We also thank Tempe Tribune for crediting Luke Air Force Base for giving the kids an amazing graduation experience where the kids had the chance to meet other US Air force Fire fighter heroes, and operate one of the crash vehicles. Thank you Tempe Tribune for including a photo of Elijah Quintero, our autistic and down syndrome student, and special Guest Msgt Ulibarri in this weeks paper. Thank you Tempe Tribune for consistently supporting our local heroes and autistic and special needs students through their patriotic and inclusive news reports that promote a stronger sense of connection and belonging within community.