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Focus is an Autistic Super Hero. Order the action adventure comic today.

Focus – A colorful revelation

  Here is a glimpse of Focus exhibiting one of his super powers in book 1. In this panel, Focus is wearing his light bending cloak which has 5 different modes. He has activated the ‘Dispersion of light’ to confuse others mode in this panel. Order the comic through our website to follow the adventures of Focus. Colors by DC… Read more →

An original sketch by Douglas Hebert, our main artist and internship coach

Did you know Focus Comic is an Action Adventure Horror Comic featuring an #AutisticSuperHero suitable for all ages? Heres an original sketch by Focus Comic’s main artist Douglas A Hebert who is an award winning artist, a certified art teacher and daily internship coach for our autistic interns. The internship program is lead by the sole creator of Focus, Yvonne… Read more →

A glimpse of page 15

  We are in the process of lettering the comic. Tabidi Elkhalil, our autistic intern is an amazing artist. Here is a glimpse of page 15 by Tabidi. Daily coaching by certified art teacher Douglas A Hebert and Yvonne Wan. Thanks Ashler Bate for helping us color Page 15 for Focus Comic. Please support the arts and our social cause… Read more →

Bengali Translation Completed

  Thank you Rifat Kamal Saif for completing the Bengali translation to the first issue of Focus Comic which is part of our #AutismAwareness social cause campaign. His name will appear on the cover of the Bengali issue. Thanks Saif Rahman for connecting us. Focus features an #autisticsuperhero which is a symbol of hope to #autistic families globally. Our project… Read more →

Our Focus internship coach is showcasing his students work

Our Focus Comic intern coach Douglas A Hebert is having an art exhibition at #desertskymall where his kindergarten through to eighth grade students are showcasing their work. Hebert also works for #charleswharrisschool in #cartwrightschooldistrict , and would love for you to check out his students art. In this picture he taught his pupils how to do #onepointperspective #figure #art and… Read more →