Get Well Soon Card Project for Audrey

Focus comic free art camp for autistic and special needs kids: This week we are sharing our love with Audrey, one of our autistic students who is currently recovering from surgery. We want her to know that she is loved, and we are wanting her to get well soon. This weeks theme is friendship. Our students drew themselves along side Audrey and Focus the autistic super hero. This week we explored character and font design, practicing kindness and empathy. Our students used the Wacom digital drawing device gifts that they received last year. Thank you Yvonne Wan for advancing our students skills in digital art by running multiple in person and online group classes this week. Our students spent on average 3 hours in designing their cards for Audrey. We printed the cards professionally over the weekend, with young Ezekiel as Yvonne’s little assistant at the print shop. Audrey, get well soon, we can’t wait to see you back in class pursuing your passions and dreams with your class mates. We are already missing you 🙂

Audrey was moved by the get well soon messages and cards she received from her classmates.

Check out Audrey’s mothers feedback:

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