Focus is an autistic super hero, founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist & Autism Documentary film maker).

We have a large creative team who have previously done work with DC Comics, Marvel, Universal Studios and more.

Artist Douglas Hebert (Award winning artist, and Elementary school art teacher with experience in teaching some autistic kids) and Artist Yvonne Wan (Award winning artist) are leading the creative team and autistic internship program.


Main artist: Douglas Hebert, who is Focus Comic’s daily internship coach; an award winning artist and certified elementary school art teacher with experience teaching autistic kids. He is also a well respected board member at the Arizona Artist Guild.

Contributing artists include:

  • Yvonne Wan who is an award winning artist and have worked for Cartoon Network; Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather.
  • Tabidi Elkhalil, Autistic intern and now professional artist.
  • Francisco Javier Rodriguez who is known for his work on Ecos and Horror.
  • Jenn Corella who is known for her work on IDWs Woman Thology; Markosia Publishing and Living Dead Press

Contributing colorists:

    • Legendary Paul Mounts who is famous for working on Spider Man , Fantastic Four and Ultimates.
    • Luis Guerrero, who is a colorist for DC comics (EG: The Flash); Titan Comics and Vertigo
    • Jim Boswell, who is known for working on Starship Troopers for Markosia; KiCK! Football magazine and Project Luna: 1947 for Markosia.
    • Ashler Bate, who is known for working on indie comics and satire.
    • Sarah Christina who is known for working on Tomb Raider.
    • Kevin De Castro who is known for working on GI Joe, Scarlett Strike Force and Moon Streak.
    • Steve Canon who is known for working on Sissonne; Last Judgement and super heroes.
    • Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna who is known for working on fantasy, action and humor.

Autistic Film Presenter: Gaby Tyrrell.


Interns: Douglas Hebert who is an Elementary school art teacher will be the internship coach with Yvonne Wan for two aspiring artists on our internship program. Douglas Hebert teaches over 1,500 art students a year. He is providing one to one coaching to the Focus Comic interns. The autistic interns will all have their work featured on the community page. Tabidi have been promoted to work on the main comic also.

We have autistic representation on our team.




The action adventure comic challenges the stigma associated with autism. The comic will be available in 9 languages. The comics purpose is to entertain; inspire hope, help autistic kids feel like every day heroes and save lives. We also hope to transform the lives of our interns by enabling them to fulfil their creative potential.


In an exclusive interview with Focus Comic, Tony Todd said: “Focus the comic book, is worth supporting because so many people need new heroes. Making the titular character, someone who’s struggling with social norms. And one who finds clarity while called to duty, is empowering. So many children struggling with autism find power and serenity in either drawing, or playing with crystal clear colors. Focus hopefully, will not only provide a hero worth cheering for, but a hero for the unspoken, on all platforms, for years to come. Focus” (Tony Todd: November 2 2017)


Celebrities who support Focus Comic & Autism Awareness include Tony Todd; Jesse Kove, Brian Dodds, Ming Chen, Lisa Marie Varon, Randy Rogel, Gail Kim, Jed Rees and Kevin McNally.


We had a Focus Comic Panel at Tucson Comicon 2017.

We have raised enough funds to publish the first issue of Focus comic in 9 languages. Our aim is to raise autism awareness and acceptance on a global scale.  Commercial Anthropologist Yvonne Wan will work closely with fluent interpreters to translate the comic into different languages.

Autism Awareness is an important issue that affects everyone in society and our community. Autism Currently affects 1 in 68 kids in the USA, and it is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in America. Autism is a global issue. People with autism are our neighbors, friends and family. Autism is currently under represented in the media. When autistic individuals are seen in the media, they are often portrayed in a negative way. We hope to address this issue by devising a long term communications plan that will allow people to learn about what autism is, and accept and celebrate human diversity.

So what is special about Focus as a super hero? The source of Focus’s power derives from his Autistic condition. He has the power of ‘pre-cognition’ because he is able to calculate the future based on probabilities. He is well read, and has a in built visor which gives him access to unlimited live and historical data so he is to able to predict events before they occur. Focus does not possess any super natural powers, because we want autistic individuals feel they could be every day heroes. Focus is a strong fighter. He also has a high-tech light bending cloak that includes an invisibility mode, and also display light according to any configuration he wants. He is able to camouflage or draw attention to himself by controlling his costume through his in built visor. His suit is solar powered and has the appearance similar to a mirror as you see on a disco ball. The cloak can manipulate light in 5 ways:

  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Dispersion
  • Combustion of light
  • Illumination

A prism of light (rainbow spectrum) can be seen during all transformations. The default mode is reflection. When is special modes are activated, his shields will be down. The power for the cloak is reliant on limited power pack storage. The cloak has an in built data system. The transformation usually starts from his hands, moving up his arm gradually, spreading to the rest of his body.


We will learn about Focus’s identity through his actions, thoughts and beliefs as well as the way he interact with others. Other notable characters in issue one include members of his super team. We have co-created a team of 6 super heroes, of which 4 have amazing super natural powers.

This is a unique comic, with a unique approach to character development and story telling. We will apply Yvonne’s anthropological understanding of social cultural phenomena surrounding autism and society into the communication planning so that we will have a comic that resonates with the audience and raises autism awareness and acceptance at the same time. In addition to this, the comic creation process will involve showing sample pages to autistic individuals and kids for feedback so we can create a truly effective comic that people will love. We have an internship program in place where an elementary school art teacher with experience teaching autistic kids will assist with the interns progress. We have a long term communications plan in place so that the social cause campaign can make considerable impact on society. This is why we have chosen to translate the comic into 9 languages.

Yvonne’s ethnographic research into the lives of autistic families is an on going process. We will also continue to film stories about autism at public outreach events such as Comicons to raise autism awareness. We are advocates for autism awareness. Any surplus funds that we raise will go back into our social cause campaigning, such as investing more resources into our Autistic internship program (more interns, more training and better equipment); improving the production values of the comic, maximizing our reach such as attending more community out reach events and producing future issues of Focus.


Yvonne is a broadcast standard film maker and so she will be able to update everyone with regards to the campaign using digital media and film.


Please support our campaign by pre-ordering the comic and/or donating funds to support our social cause campaign.



Creator and Founder: Yvonne Wan

Writer: Yvonne Wan

Communications Planning: Yvonne Wan.

Main Artist for issue one: Douglas Hebert, Professional Artist.

Contributing artist for issue one: Yvonne Wan,
Douglas Hebert, Tabidi Elkhalil (Our 21 year old autistic intern), Malekith George (Our 12 year old autistic intern), Paul Mounts, Francisco Rodriguez,
Kevin De Castro, Jenn Corella, Luis Guerrero, Ashler Bate, Jim Boswell, Steve Canon, Sarah Christina. Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna

Graphic Design and lettering: Yvonne Wan.

Film Production & Animation work: Yvonne Wan.

Advertising & marketing: Yvonne Wan.

Internship Coach: Certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and Certified Social Cultural Anthropologist Yvonne Wan

Interns: Malekith George and Tabidi Elkhalil.

All Rights belong to Yvonne Wan, Film Ethnographer LLC.