Free Focus Art Summer Summer Camp for kids and young adults with autism

Focus comic are proud to announce that we will be providing free art summer camp for kids and young adults with autism.

Certified Art Teacher Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan, Mishy Katz and Ron Head will provide 3 days of free clay sculpture work shops on June 1, 2 and 15th at Desert Dragon Pottery Art Studio in Phoenix.

Students will learn how to make Super Heroes and Magical Beasts during the mini summer camp. Magical beasts may include unicorns, dragons and griffins! All art materials will be supplied free of charge to the students.

Each project will take approximately 2 hours to sculpt on June 1+2 2019.

Class starts at 1pm, Ends at 3pm on June 1+ 2nd. The sculpture painting class starts at 1pm and ends 2pm on June 15th.

The students will be able to paint the sculptures on June 15th after it has been fired, and it will be ready to take home that day.

Registration in advance is required. To sign up for the Focus mini summer camp for kids and adults with autism, please email with the subject title: Focus Comic Summer Camp. Information needed in the email is the name of the student and age.

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