Heroes Without Capes – Celebrities

#HeroesWithoutCapes Thank you to all the following celebrities for supporting Focus Comic and #autismawareness:

Tony Todd; Kevin Sorbo, Kevin R. McNally, Gail Kim; John Wesley Shipp; Sam J Jones; Melody Anderson; Ming Chen Comic Book Men, David J. Fielding – Zordon; Johnny Yong Bosch, Lisa Marie Varon; Randy Rogel; Sonny Strait; Sean Schemmel; Cynthia Cranz; Kathryn Leigh Scott; Jesse Kove , Jed Rees and others.

We appreciate each and everyone of you for using your voice for social good. Focus Comic is an action adventure #horror comic which features an autistic super hero and autistic creative talent on the team.

Browse through this website to watch exclusive content from some of these celebrities regarding their thoughts on Focus; and the importance of #AutismAwareness, acceptance and community. More celebrity content to follow soon!

Please order our comic or donate funds to support our social cause initiative. We have donated 118 comics to a Childrens Home for Autistic Kids so far. We also have an art internship program for autistic kids and young adults where we help them fulfill their creative potential and help them find work.

Our mission is to entertain readers whilst promoting a culture that celebrates human diversity and acceptance.

We hope to have community outreach events in all 50 states, but will need your help and support with our journey.

Our social cause program brings hope to autistic kids and young adults globally by addressing issues such as bullying within the book and remove the stigma associated with autism that gets in the way of individuals having a life well lived. This program saves lives. Please support us! 

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