Focus Comic Creator Spotlight

Meet Yvonne Wan, certified Social Cultural Anthropologist and Film Ethnographer of UCL University (one of the world’s leading anthropological departments). She has over 18 years industry experience as an advertising consultant having worked on multimillion dollar international advertising campaigns. Former employers include Saatchi and Saatchi; Ogilvy and Mather and Cartoon Network. Yvonne has worked as an anthropologist and film ethnographer for various clients including the British Government concerning social and environmental issues with the intention of improving social cultural phenomena and policy.

Yvonne has won various awards including the Inspiration in life award hosted by the Discovery Channel and Media Week. Yvonne has also won a university project award on aging; including Art, Photography and Language awards. Yvonne has also worked on award winning advertising campaigns. She is specialist in communications planning and strategy development.

Yvonne studies autistic families in Arizona and have produced a mini ethnographic documentary which can be found on Amazon Prime International. She is the main driver of this social cause campaign. She cares greatly about this social cause and believes whole heartedly that Focus Comic can challenge the stigma associated with autism and create hope to those affected by the condition.

Yvonne would  love to see our community united in an effort to raise autism awareness. She has organized four community out reach events so far, where she interviewed the general public and autistic families about why autism awareness is important, and the symbolic significance of an autistic super hero. She has also invited various artists within the comic community to contribute their artistry to Focus Comic to promote Autism Awareness. We have a large creative team who have previously done work with Marvel, 21st Century Fox, Disney, Lucas Film, Dream Works and Nintendo. Artist Douglas Hebert (Award winning Artist who is also an Elementary school art teacher with experience in teaching some autistic kids) and Yvonne Wan (Award winning artist) will be leading the creative team. Contributing artists include: Eddie Holly, Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan, Tabidi Elkhalil, Jenn Corella,  Francisco Rodriguez, Luis Guerrero, Paul Mounts, Sarah Christina and Ashler Bate.

Yvonne has introduced a daily internship program so that Focus can have autistic representation on the team. We have 2 interns on the program which includes 12 year old Malekith who has autism and 21 year old Tabidi Elkhalil who has autism. Malekith and Tabidi are aspiring professional comic book artists. Douglas Hebert who is a certified art teacher, is the internship coach for Focus Comic. Douglas teaches over 1,500 art students a year and will provide the Focus interns one to one coaching. Douglas and Yvonne will be responsible for the interns creative progress. Tabidi has been promoted to work on the main story within the comic due to his outstanding performance.

We also have an autistic TV presenter (Gaby Tyrrell) on the team to help us raise autism awareness. Yvonne is a broadcast film maker and have the means to distribute the films online and on tv.

Yvonne is the creator, writer and artist for Focus Comic. This is a high profile campaign in 9 languages. Yvonne has worked closely with fluent interpreters for this campaign.

We have celebrity support including

  • Tony Todd – The Candyman,
  •  The Flash & Star Trek
  •  Jesse Kove – The Wings of Eagles
  •  Bryan Dodds – All My Children
  •  Ming Chen – from comic book men
  •  Lisa Marie Varon – WWE
  •  Gail Kim – WWE
  •  Jed Rees – actor from Dead Pool
  • Kevin McNally – actor from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Bob Layton – Ironman co creator
  •  James O’barr – The Crow creator
  •  Brian Augustyn – Batman writer
  •  Randy Rogel – Animaniacs

Tony Todd is the official Good Will brand ambassador for Focus Comic and also the voice of Focus. He also appears within the comic as Thato.

We have held community out reach events at comic conventions including Ace Comicon Arizona, Ace Comic Con Seattle; Ace Comic Con Chicago; Greater Austin Comic Con; Phoenix Comicon, Tucson Comicon and Phoenix Fan Fest.

We have been featured on Fox News; ABC News, CBS 5, CBS Philly and Kgun 5 News.

Yvonne is determined to get this comic published in 9 languages and would love to execute the long term communications plan that she has planned for Focus and autism awareness and acceptance.

We will need as much financial support we can receive from the general public so that we can continue with our social work and touch as many lives as we can in a positive way.

No child should be marginalized and no family should have to watch their child be rejected by society. Together, we can make the world a better place.

Please support our social cause campaign by pre ordering the comic today.

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