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Celebrities Support Focus Comic and Autism Awareness

Celebrities who support Focus Comic & Autism Awareness include Tony Todd; Jesse Kove, Brian Dodds, Ming Chen, Lisa Marie Varon, Randy Rogel, Gail Kim, Jed Rees and Kevin McNally. Support Focus comic by placing a pledge today at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/autismdocumentary/focus-comic-an-autistic-super-hero-arrives   Kevin McNally being filmed by Co-Creator of Focus, Yvonne Wan Read more →

Focus Comic Panel at Tucson Comicon – Promo Film Premiere – Tony Todd, Jesse Kove & Bryan Dodds

Focus comic received a warm welcome at Tucson Comicon 2017. We held our first Focus Comic Panel and Animation Promo Film Premier at the event, which features the voice talents of Tony Todd, Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds. Certified Commercial Social Cultural Anthropologist and Co-Creator of Focus comic introduced the audience to this exciting action adventure comic which is also… Read more →

Tony Todd Supports Focus Comic

Many Thanks to Hollywood Actor Tony Todd, for supporting our Focus Campaign. Tony contributed to our Autism Awareness campaign by providing the voice for Focus in our English Animation film trailer. In an exclusive interview with Focus Comic, Tony says: “Focus the comic book, is  worth supporting because so many people need new heroes. Making the titular character, someone who’s… Read more →

Focus Comic – An Autistic Super Hero Arrives – Short Animation Film to be released at Tucson Comicon

  Autism Awareness is an important issue that affects everyone in society and our community. Autism Currently affects 1 in 68 kids in the USA, and it is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the USA. Autism is a global issue. People with autism are our neighbors, friends and family. Autism is currently under represented in the media.… Read more →