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Our Focus internship coach is showcasing his students work

Our Focus Comic intern coach Douglas A Hebert is having an art exhibition at #desertskymall where his kindergarten through to eighth grade students are showcasing their work. Hebert also works for #charleswharrisschool in #cartwrightschooldistrict , and would love for you to check out his students art. In this picture he taught his pupils how to do #onepointperspective #figure #art and… Read more →

Art by our Autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil

We are so proud of our autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil at Focus Comic. Certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan have been coaching Tabidi every day to help him fulfill his creative potential. He is talented, he is driven and he is creative. He approaches every assignment professionally and has a strong desire to improve his work every time.… Read more →

Focus Comic Panel at Tucson Comicon – Promo Film Premiere – Tony Todd, Jesse Kove & Bryan Dodds

Focus comic received a warm welcome at Tucson Comicon 2017. We held our first Focus Comic Panel and Animation Promo Film Premier at the event, which features the voice talents of Tony Todd, Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds. Certified Commercial Social Cultural Anthropologist and Sole Creator of Focus comic introduced the audience to this exciting action adventure comic which is… Read more →