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Ming Chen Supports Focus Comic and Autism Awareness at Tucson Comicon

www.filmethnographer.com filmed this interview with Ming Chen, of AMCs Comic Book Men at Tucson Comicon​ regarding Focus Comic. Focus Comic​ features an #autisticsuperhero and raises #autismawareness. Please help us get the comic to print by supporting us at  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/autismdocumentary/focus-comic-an-autistic-super-hero-arrives/posts/2040546 Above: Ming Chen pictured with Yvonne Wan, Co-Creator of Focus and Commercial Social Cultural Anthropologist. Read more →

Meeting Focus fans at Phoenix Comicon

  Focus Comic co-creators Dave Beaty (Marvel Artist) and Yvonne Wan (Anthropologist) launched their Autism Awareness Campaign at Phoenix Comicon. The comic features an Autistic Super Hero. They received a warm reception from the general public and autistic individuals also. We hope the comic will challenge the stigma associated with Autism, help autistic individuals feel they can be every day… Read more →

Phoenix Comicon Promotion

  We will be launching our Focus Comic Fund raising campaign at Phoenix Comicon 2017. The social cause comic will challenge the stigma associated with autism and save lives! Come to Table AA1123 to meet the co-creators Dave Beaty (An official Marvel artist) and Yvonne Wan (Anthropologist).   We will be giving away limited edition posters for every $10 donation we receive, and… Read more →