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Contributor Spotlight – Legendary Paul Mounts

Many thanks to legendary Paul Mounts (The official colorist for Spider-Man) for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. Thank you Paul for transforming our autistic super hero into a spectacular exhibit of light and energy in issue one. Paul Mounts is one of the industry’s finest colorists. He is able to use… Read more →

Contributor Spotlight – Sarah Christina

  Many thanks to Sarah Christina for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. Sarah did a wonderful job by coloring 4 of Douglas A Hebert’s panels with lucid colors. Here is a panel that Sarah colored within Focus comic. It is a first person perspective from Focus, as he notices irregular seismic… Read more →

Our second reader review in digital format

Thanks Ron Brown for writing a great review on Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero. Buy now at www.focuscomic.com in print and digital format. Available on all mobile devices and computers for $4.99 globally! We will be at Greater Austin Comicon and Ace Comicon this month! Come and find us. Save on shipping and get our autographs also!   Larger… Read more →

Autism awareness Internship Program

We had some great Focus Comic internship coaching sessions over the weekend for the community page with three of our interns. The internship program is lead by Yvonne Wan of Film Ethnographer LLC, sole creator of Focus / certified social cultural anthropologist and Douglas Hebert, certified art teacher and main artist. We have 2 interns on our program whose lives… Read more →

Kevin Eastman, Creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Interview on Autism Awareness and TMNT

  Above: Kevin Eastman, Creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Yvonne Wan, Creator of Focus and Douglas Hebert, main artist for Focus.   Yvonne Wan, Sole Creator of Focus Comic and Autism Awareness Advocate interviewed Kevin Eastman, Creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles regarding Autism Awareness at AZ Eventure Con yesterday morning. Douglas Hebert, the main artist for Focus… Read more →

French translation completed

Thank you Pauline Lysiak for completing the French translation to the first issue of Focus Comic which is part of our #AutismAwareness social cause campaign. Her name will appear on the cover of the French issue. Focus features an #autisticsuperhero which is a symbol of hope to #autistic families globally. Our project includes autistic representation on our team. Thank you… Read more →

Autistic Intern Announcement: Malekith George, Age 12 : Aspiring Artist

    Meet our autistic intern Malekith George who is 12 years old. Malekith is an aspiring professional artist who recently joined the Focus Comic Team so he can fulfill his creative potential and help advocate for greater autism awareness and acceptance.  He will be illustrating a short story on the community page within the comic. Douglas Hebert our main artist,… Read more →