Ashler Bate has joined Focus Comic Creative Team

  I am pleased to announce that Ashler Bate joined our Focus Comic creative team to advocate for #AutismAwareness and Acceptance. Many thanks to Ashler Bate for supporting our social cause campaign by bringing our autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil‘s art to life with beautiful vivid colors. This picture shows Compass MK105 (the humanoid) giving an evil spirit a massive blow… Read more →

Art by our Autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil

We are so proud of our autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil at Focus Comic. Certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan have been coaching Tabidi every day to help him fulfill his creative potential. He is talented, he is driven and he is creative. He approaches every assignment professionally and has a strong desire to improve his work every time.… Read more →

Focus Comic attends Austin Comicon with the sole Creator Yvonne Wan and its Autistic Interns

    We are proud to announce on #AutismAwareness day that Focus Comic will be attending Greater Austin Comic Con on June 15 and 17. Focus features an autistic super hero which is a symbol of hope to autistic kids by empowering them to feel like every day heroes. We also have autistic representation on the creative team (we have a daily internship program where we… Read more →

Giving back to the community

Focus Comic will be #givingbacktothecommunity by donating 100 copies of Focus to #autistickids at #autisticschools . Thank you Renee Hebert our newly appointed brand advocate for helping us distribute this as our community relations representative. Please donate Funds to support our #autismawareness #socialcause project. Focus features an #autisticsuperhero which is a symbol of hope to those affected by autism. Read more →