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Focus Comic Commercial:

Focus Comic Animation featuring HollyWood actors Tony Todd, Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds

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Focus Interview: Randy Rogel’s endorsement:


Focus Interview: Ming Chen’s endorsement:

Focus Interview: Autism Society of Souther Arizona Interview

Focus Interview: Bob Layton’s endorsement:

Focus Interview: James O’barr’s endorsement:

Featured interview with Nick Jones:



Interview with April:

Interview with Nick:

Interview with Sam:

Interview with a father to an autistic son:


Interview with Christina:

Interview with Levi:




Interview with Harrison:


Interview with Zach:


Focus Comic Autism Awareness Campaign Launch at Phoenix Comicon

  • Meeting the public – and individuals affected by autism / aspergers.



Here is a promo film for Focus Comic, shot at Phoenix Comicon:

Here is a 60second commercial that Yvonne Wan, Anthropologist recently made regarding an autism documentary campaign on kick starter.

Here is a 10 minute mini documentary Yvonne produced about autism based on autistic families in Phoenix and Fountain Hills.


Focus Comic Animation, German:


Focus Comic Animation, Portuguese:


Focus Comic Animation, Dutch:


Focus Comic Animation, Italian:


Focus Comic Animation, Chinese:


Focus Comic Animation, French:


Focus Comic Animation, Japanese:


Focus Comic Animation, Spanish: