Focus Comic Internship Program


Focus Creator Yvonne Wan recently announced an internship program for aspiring comic artists for 2018. The purpose of the internship program is to help talented artists to fulfill their creative potential and have their work published.

Yvonne Wan, certified social cultural anthropologist appointed Douglas Hebert as the main artist and internship coach for Focus Comic. Douglas Hebert is an award winning professional artist and also Elementary School Art teacher who has experience in teaching kids including those with autism.

We have appointed three interns to look after the community page within Focus Comic. Congratulations to:

  • Malekith George who is 12 years old and an aspiring artist.
  • Tabidi Elkhalil who is 21 years old and an aspiring professional artist.
  • Nicole Rockwell who is 19 years old and an aspiring colorist.


This will allow the three interns to get their work published. They will be assigned with the task of drawing a four panel story on the Focus community page, as well as assisting with marketing activities. Credit will be given and the interns will be spotlighted in the printed comic and also on the website.


The interns will receive coaching on a daily basis from Yvonne and Doug who will be responsible for their creative progress during their internship. The interns will attend Greater Austin Comicon this summer (16 & 17 June 2018) where they will join the Focus Panel to discuss their experiences on the internship program and share their thoughts why autism awareness is important. The interns will also sign autographs at the Focus table at Auston Comicon.