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Focus Comic on KGUN9 News on TV – A new superhero with autism was showcased at Tucson’s Comic-Con

Above picture: The Co-Creator of Focus Comic reaches out to the community at Tucson Comicon Focus Comic was featured on KGUN9 News on Tv last night. They headline the report: A new superhero with autism was showcased at Tucson’s Comic-Con. You may watch the news report on the news website. Check out the news report! #autismawareness Please remember to support us… Read more →

Focus comic on ABC News

Focus comic was featured on Abc news. Many thanks to Justin Pazera and David McAlister for helping us raise autism awareness. Please visit our booth at Phoenix comicon table AA 1423 Click here to watch the film:    Read more →

Focus Comic on Fox News

  Ty Brennan from Fox News interviewed Yvonne Wan, co-creator of Focus Comic earlier this month! Fox News featured the interview in hope of raising autism awareness and support for the comic which will save lives. Many thanks to Ty Brennan for being the first TV news anchor to cover our story and for his positive words of encouragement!  … Read more →