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New Contributing Artist

We are proud to announce that #FranciscoRodriguez who is known for working on Ecos and horror comic art, has joined our Focus Comic #AutismAwareness team. Francisco have drawn some amazing panels for the comic. Please support our social cause campaign by pre-ordering a copy of Focus Comic today. #comic #artist #art #community #socialcause Read more →

Dutch translation completed

  Thank you Marja Commandeur for completing the #Dutch translation to the first issue of Focus comic which is part of our #AutismAwareness social cause campaign. Her name will appear on the cover of the Dutch issue. Focus features an #autisticsuperhero which is a symbol of hope to #autistic families globally. Our project includes autistic representation on our team. Thank… Read more →

Autistic internship – a glimpse of the community page by Autistic Intern T. Elkhalil and colorist N. Rockwell

  Heres a glimpse of Focus Comic’s community page. Drawn by 21 year old #autistic intern Tabidi Elkhalil. Colored by 19 year old colorist intern Nicole Tudor Rockwell. Internship coach is certified art teacher Douglas A Hebert, Creator/certified anthropologist Yvonne Wan of Film Ethnographer LLC . Pre order the comic at  Read more →

Chinese Translation Completed

     Thank you Sulan and Kim for completing the Chinese translation to the first issue of Focus Comic which is part of our global Autism awareness social cause campaign. Did you know Chinese is probably one of the most difficult languages to translate, partly because the language is not based on a sequential alphabet, but ideograms? The translation is… Read more →

Autism awareness Internship Program

We had some great Focus Comic internship coaching sessions over the weekend for the community page with three of our interns. The internship program is lead by Yvonne Wan of Film Ethnographer LLC, sole creator of Focus / certified social cultural anthropologist and Douglas Hebert, certified art teacher and main artist. We have 3 interns on our program whose lives… Read more →