Autism Awareness Internship Program update


Our Focus Comic interns Tabidi Elkhalil, Nicole Tudor Rockwell and Troy George‘s son Malekith are doing amazing so far on our internship program. They are growing their skill sets with the help and guidance of Douglas A Hebert and I. Doug is a certified art teacher and internship coach. He is helping the interns to fulfill their creative potential. Everyone on the creative team are working hard to give autism greater representation within the media and comic industry. Here are a few more pictures from our latest internship session where Nicole is working on coloring Tabidis art digitally. Tabidi is our oldest autistic intern and is keen to become a professional comic book artist. Nicole is an aspiring professional colorist. She has a nephew with autism and hopes to advocate for greater autism awareness as she cares deeply for her nephews wellbeing and others like him. Pre order the comic at


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