Focus Comic Intern Announcement: Nicole Rockwell, Age 19 : Aspiring Colorist


Meet our intern Nicole Rockwell who is 19 years old. Nicole is an aspiring colorist who joined the Focus Comic Team so she can fulfill her creative potential and advocate for greater #AutismAwareness and #Acceptance. She has A family member who has autism and so this social cause is close to her heart.  She will be coloring short stories drawn by our autistic interns on the community page within the comic. Douglas A Hebert our main artist, is an elementary school art teacher with experience teaching autistic kids. He will be Nicole’s internship coach. We are in proud to have autistic representation on our team. Support us by pre-ordering the comic or donating funds so we can achieve more with our social cause campaign. Thanks to everyone who support this important social cause. #Community #society #love

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