Win a chance to appear in our first issue of Focus Comic

We are offering comic fans an unique opportunity to appear in our first issue of Focus Comic. One lucky raffle ticket winner will have his or her likeness drawn by an official Marvel and DC artist (Dave Beaty), and have the character published in issue one. This is a priceless opportunity to be immortalized in the world of comics and be part of this comic’s history.

For every $10 donation received, we will issue the donor a unique raffle ticket number.

We now accept paypal donations on this website. We will email the raffle ticket numbers within 3 working days. If you live in Fountain Hills you may donate in person and also collect a bonus limited edition Focus comic signed by the co-creators Dave Beaty and Yvonne Wan. We do not deliver posters at this point of our campaign. Therefore the limited edition posters are only available to donors who can collect it in person in Fountain Hills.

The raffle will be drawn when we hit our $5k target to publish the digital comic. We have plans to also publish the paper comic at a later stage. We will release information on this later on in the campaign.

The raffle will be drawn on camera, so the fans can see us pull the raffle out of the box and announce the winner. Please subscribe to this blog for updates.

Please select the ‘Donate’ button below for a chance to win this cool prize opportunity and support autism awareness. If you prefer to donate in person and live in Fountain Hills – please call Yvonne Wan at 480 787 6729 to co-ordinate an opportunity for you to pick up your raffle ticket information and the limited edition poster.

This will be an exciting action packed adventure for all comic fans!

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